Richard Crooks's Website


I'm Richard Crooks, a bioinformatician living in the UK. Welcome to my website. As a bioinformatician, I am interested in biology, as well as data, and in particular using data science to improve our understanding of biology.

I am currently doing some upgrades to this website, so actual content will be coming along shortly. Please come back shortly when there is stuff here.

I like minimalism and simplicity, so don't expect to see prettiness on here. I even had to stretch myself in order to even use a background picture. On the other hand I intend to have some fun things like gin recipes and my creative way of advertising things on here, so I'm not just a boring nerdy numbers person.

Biology - I'm a biologist, so I have an index of biology related stuffs.

Canoeing - I'm a canoeist, so I also have an index of canoeing related stuffs.

Other Stuff - I'm also do other stuff that isn't related to either of these, so I put other stuff here.

Sprint Racing Results - A database of sprint canoe racing results from UK national sprint regattas.

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