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Do you ever find that stuff just doesn't fit anywhere else? Well that's what this is. See I don't biology, data and canoe all the time, I like to rant, drink alcohol, be silly, cook and generally have an existance. This is stuff I do that doesn't fit anywhere else.

PubMed Extractor - Extract a reference from PubMed and format it for documents and webpages

What is Ontology? - Ontologies help making data science much easier, and greatly benefit both medicine and canoeing. But what are they and how do they do it?

Making a Fake Reaction - Remember when there was that screenshot of Al Jazeera viewers laughing at a terrorist attack in London? Well this is how the same thing can be used to make Bill Morneau look like a comedian

Making Gin - I like gin. I also like to make gin. Read about my delicious gin making exploits here.

Silly Small Ads - I like to advertise things in a creative way, you can read about how I can make the most boring vase sound exciting here, or how bubble wrap is incredibly useful for many different types of stress relief here

Sharing Pizzas Is Stupid - Sharing pizzas is a thoroughly stupid idea because pizzas are the ultimate in customizable food, so if you have one, it's probably your favourite one anyway!

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